What data we store
We do not store any data.

How we use the data
The contact form is used for communicating with us and also for sending reservation requests to us (via email).
The newsletter form stores your email for sending beneficial offers and other material. You can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link at your first registration or via contacting us.

3rd party access to your data
Your data do not and will not be transfered or accessed by 3rd party people.

The website uses the following cookies:
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These information are stored in your web browser and you can delete them whenever you want by following the guide related to "Delete cookies" at the help manual of your browser.

Company information
Address: Porto Heli Argolida, P.C 21300
Phone.: +30 27540 53441
Fax: +30 27540 53441

Data Security Person
Chris Adamantios Pavlis
Phone.: +30 27540 53441
Fax: +30 27540 53441